Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Winston Churchill is often quoted as saying: “I’m always carrying Cuba on my lips”. Guess what he was talking about.

Churchill always had Cuban cigars in his residence, and he tried to keep his stocks away from the multiple visitors, offering them somewhat worse species. Once a large delegation of governmental officials came to Churchill’s house and he ordered to bring in some cigars. After the first puff Sir Winston understood that the servant brought Romeo y Julieta cigars. The history says nothing about the destiny of the poor man, but Sir Winston Churchill was definitely not happy at the moment.



Originally created for acclaimed pianist Avo Uvezian to keep near his piano, Avo Classic premium cigars are a mild, creamy, balanced blend of Cibao Valley Dominican tobaccos wrapped in Connecticut wrappers.

Acid by Drew Estates

The Acid curing and blending process is a well-guarded secret. A combination of premium whole leaf long filler Nicaraguan tobaccos and essential oils make this cigar unique. Acid by Drew Estates has become one of the most popular infused cigars on the market.


Known for perfection of quality, aroma, and character, the refined and luxurious Davidoff cigar of Geneva, Switzerland, appeals to even the most discriminating of cigar smokers.


These top rated cigars have been admired by connoisseurs from all over the world. CAO’s La Traviata Divino was ranked in the 2010 25 best cigars by Cigar Aficionado. With over 20 varieties, these hand-rolled and uniquely packaged cigars are considered to be superb among experts of the industry.

Arturo Fuente

Arturo Fuente cigars are considered to be the worlds finest by many. All are 100% hand-made with the highest quality ingredients. Being family owned for four generations, every cigar is given the family touch.

La Aroma De Cuba

New and improved by the Garcia family. The successful reinvention of this cigar will not disappoint loyal LADC smokers. Handmade in Nicaragua using a spicy blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos and then rolled in chocolaty Conneticut Broadleaf wrappers.

My Father

Named for his father, Jaime Garcia recently started the line of cigars made in Nicaragua. Employees work with the tobacco from the time it was harvested to the time is is packaged. Garcia supervises all operations making sure that only the best quality is packaged. For two years in a row, the line was ranked in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 cigars.

Don Pepin Garcia

Made in the little Havana section of Miami, these cigars are made under the watchful eye of legendary cigar maker Don Pepin. Wrpaaed in a rich corojo wrapper with Nicaraguan tobacco, they have a full-bodied and robust taste and are made in limited quantities.

Jaime Garcia

Made by the son of the legendary master blender Don Pepin Garcia. A blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos are rolled in a delicious Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This cigar is delicious with a medium to full bodied flavor.

Winston Churchill

Tobaccos are from Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Nicaragua and wrapped in a sun-grown wrapper from Equador. Delivers a unique full-bodied and spicy flavor which gives off a distinct aroma.

The Griffin

Griffin cigars are modern and delicious made in the Dominican Republic. All of the tobacco is harvested from the most fertile area of the Dominican, The Cibao Valley. There are many different varieties all of which being high quality.


Created by Don Papin Garcia for the more experienced smoker. Made with Nicaraguan tobacco and rolled in an Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper giving a rich and spicy flavor that lingers on the palate.


Honduran made and infused with the finest Cognac. Has a spicy, rich, and creamy flavor with a light finish. Dominican tobacco with a Connecticut shade wrapper. Rare and delicious cigars for those who enjoy luxury.


46 years of perfection. These cigars are handmade with complex flavors encompassing the Cuban heritage of the company. Company is family owned and operated making sure each cigar is given personal attention to ensure perfection.


Each cigar has the perfect balance of complexity and character. The oiliest and silkiest Connecticut and Ecuadorian wrappers are used giving Ashton cigars a unique flavor. Made by a true connoisseur offering six distinct blends.


Meant to be smoked by people having a fast-paced and affluent lifestyle. Inspired by the trendsetters of the hip hop and rap scene. Zino platinum blend is robust containing tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Peru.


Partagas cigar brand was founded in Havana, cuba in 1845. 17 years after immigrating to the Dominican Republic, the owners of this brand were able to start making their high quality cigars that have a rich taste and don’t come on too strong.


Extremely consistent mild and smooth tasting cigar. Has a light flavor that doesn’t linger. Dominican tobacco with a Connecticut shade wrapper and a binder grown in the San Andres Valley in Mexico. It is the best selling cigar in America for a reason.

Rocky Patel

Created by Rocky Patel himself, these cigars are premium. Customers are able to go to the Honudras factory and see for themselves the hard work put into making these cigars. Their slogan “Why smoke the rest when you can smoke the best of the best” says it all.

La Flor Dominicana

This line of cigars features blends that range from mild to very rich. Their double ligero cigars are made with Dominican fillers and Ecuadorian wrappers giving flavors of wood and coffee beans with a spicy and lingering finish.

La Gloria Cubana

La Gloria Cubana cigars were the most popular cigars at one time and impossible to find. They have an earthy and spicy aroma with a medium to full body flavor. They are produced in the Dominican Republic and a small number are made in Miami for the local market.


These cigars were created by Pepin Garcia in 2006 and are now very popular. They are made in Nicaragua and owned by Eddie Ortega Brands. They have received great reviews from cigar magazines and have a variety of flavors.


Nicaraguan made by Tabacalera Olivia. These cigars are full bodied and rich with two wrapper choices. The Habano wrapper is nutty, peppery, and mocha flavored and the Maduro wrapper is sweet with cocoa and has notes of leather and spice.


The Nub club cigars have a sweet spot in the middle. They are long-burning and smoke for over an hour. There are a wide variety of choices all having unique and mouthwatering features.


Francisco Fonseca developed this brand of rich and mild flavor cigars in 1906. The leaves used are grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic. They are enjoyed by many cigar smokers from all over the world.

Room 101 Ltd

Only 12,500 of each size of this full-bodied and delicious cigar were made. The Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco give a cedary flavor with spicy notes from the Honduran binder wrapped in a Rosado wrapper.


The European Cigar Journal voted this the 2009 Nicaraguan brand of the year. Complex cigars made for the most experienced palates. Rich characterisitics from Broadleaf sun-grown wrappers and Nicaraguan ligero fillers.

Diamond Crown

Handmade by the Fuente family. This cigar has a rich and consistent body with a unique Connecticut shade that has been fermented not once but twice to give it a rich and smooth flavor. Contains a blend of 7 individual tobacco leaves to make a thick cigar.

Puros Indios

There are many varieties of this Honduran made cigar. Flavorful cigars with fillers from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Brazil. You have a choice between two wrappers: Maduro or Ecuadorian Sumatra.

Opus X

Extremely rare cigars in high demand. The tobaccos are grown from Cuban seeds in the Dominican Republic. These cigars are hard to find, but premium quality developed by Carlos Fuente Jr.

El Baton

First released in 1914, these cigars are making a comeback. They are made exclusively in Nicaragua with Nicaraguan puro tobacco and a flavorful Corojo wrapper. Smooth smoke with a medium to full body.


100% handmade in the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan tobacco grown from Cuban seeds. The darkest and oiliest Brazilian Maduro wrappers are used.

Monte Cristo

A favorite for cigar smokers at all experience levels. It has a sweet aroma with a medium to full body. They are made in the Dominican Republic by hand. It is a cigar of high quality and admired by connoisseur.

Romeo and Julieta

Founded in 1875, this brand has had a long history of excellence. Made with Dominican fillers that are cedar-aged and wrapped in silky Indonesian wrappers. Spicy, medium bodied, and balanced throughout.

Full line of Pipe Tobacco

There are many types of pipe tobacco to choose from including tin tobacco and bulk tobacco. There is a wide variety of blends to choose from. Your options are endless!

Full line Savinelli Pipes and pipe equipment and supplies

Savinelli is a well known and trusted brand. They have a wide variety of pipes including freehand, pre-set, and special series. They also have a great selection on items like ash trays, humidifiers, cutters, balsa inserts, cigar cases, and much more!




Samuel Adams Winter Ale

Yuengling Lager

Stella Artois Lager

Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale

Left Hand Milk Stout

Jai Alai India Pale Ale

Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale



Fonseca Porto Bin No. 27 Finest Reserve

Kirkland Signature Tawny Porto 10 year

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Black Label Claret Cabernet Sauvignon